Dell 1200 MP Projector

  • Date Needed
  • Amount of Days
  • Cost

  • Offers brightness of 2000 Lumens (max)1
  • 2100:1 contrast ratio delivers excellent video images
  • Supports a range of television and video standards, including NTSC, NTSC 4.43, PAL, SECAM and HDTV (1080i; 720P; 576i; 576P; 480i; 480P)
  • Includes remote control with Page Up/Down buttons

1Dell1201MP Projector (2000 Max Lumens): based on ANSI/NAPM IT7 .228-1997 tests of 214 units of Dell 1200MP, March 2006, with average ANSI Lumens 1951. Bulb brightness degrades with usage. Dell recommends replacing your bulb after 2,500 hours of usage (up to 3,000 hours in Eco-mode).


The Dell 1201MP Multimedia Projector is an ideal combination of high brightness, enhanced performance and ease of use. With 2000 ANSI Lumens (max)1 brightness and 2100:1 (full on/full off) contrast ratio, this portable projector projects bright, captivating and stunning images that are sure to wow your audience. Featuring Digital Light Processing (DLP®) technology and native SVGA (800x600 pixel) resolutions, it offers excellent picture quality and reliability. With an ability to display up to 16.7 million colors 1201MP delivers rich life-like images. Weighing 4.94 pounds, the projector is highly portable and ideal for professionals on the go.